Zone Magazine

Zone Magazine

Zone magazine is a publication ran yearly by The University of West Alabama. There is a class dedicated solely to the task of creating this publication in order to publish it for distribution at the homecoming football game. This publication is a sports magazine with a focus on the athletes on UWA’s campus. This year I was in charge of the layout along with my partners Katie Burrall and Ellie McKenzie (click their names to visit their online portfolios). We wanted to create a layout that was different from past issues while still maintaining the UWA brand.

Avenir Black and Book were chosen as body and subheading fonts because of the modern feel and the readability of the text.

Pervitina Dex is the font that is used within the Zone logo and also maintains a futuristic feel. We decided to keep this font to keep a consistency across the publication.

This is Zone magazine red and has been used in the past. It also happens to be the red that is used throughout UWA’s branding. 

Black and white are staple colors in printing and are also part of the UWA brand. We needed to stay on brand while bringing a new feel with the layout and design.

Page Layout

I was tasked with creating the layout alongside Katie Burrall. We wanted to modernize this issue and create an overarching theme. We decided on a digital, futuristic feel and wanted this to be present across all pages in the magazine. Here are some examples of the layout.