Graphic Design

Personal Logo

My major, Integrated Marketing Communications, encourages its students to create an online-based portfolio and in turn challenges us to create a personal brand. So, in my first ever graphic design class, we were given the assignment to begin working on our brand which we would refine in upcoming courses. Since then, my logo has undergone a significant facelift to align with my more advanced skills. My logo was approved for US copyright in 2020.

“Visit Demopolis” Logo

In my Advertising Agency class, we were tasked with creating a logo for “Visit Demopolis”, the future tourism site of Demopolis, Alabama. Eventually, the class narrowed down several logos to pitch to the Demopolis Chamber of Commerce and mine was one of them. The Chamber did not end up choosing my logo, however, it was a viable and strongly considered option.

Donato 2020 Logo

During the final year of my undergraduate study, I was able to take the Political Campaigns class offered on campus. We analyzed many election campaigns from local to national and focused on learning more about the tactics used in the political landscape such as social media, branding, and public relations. For one of our final projects, we were tasked with creating our own political branding.

Starbucks Rebrand

After analyzing the history of Starbucks logos, I decided to challenge myself to create a rebranded version. 

Other Design Examples

Flyer design, layouts, and creating social media content is a big part of being a designer. Here are some examples of various flyers, social media posts, and other layouts I have created.

Mood Boards

Something I am extremely passionate about which is outside the scope of my degree, is fashion. In my free time, I enjoy creating collages, also known as mood boards, which are meant to inspire or evoke feelings. They have helped me focus on color as a design element as well as layout, texture, contrast, repetition and others.